About our founder, Rev. Audrey Ann Volz

1982-1985 - Served on a Mission Board of Caribbean Mission Service -Atlanta, GA

1985  - Founded The Shepherd’s Lambs Missions Ministry

1988  - Ordained a Minister of Jesus Christ

1994 - Membership ICFM (International Convention of Faith Ministries Inc.)


Our full time volunteer staff:


Our Mission Statement: 

To serve our Lord Jesus Christ in obedience to His command to take the Gospel to the World and let the little children come unto Him – to provide physical and spiritual food to the destitute, alleviate suffering and set those who are spiritually bound free by the power of the Holy Spirit in Jesus Name.


Mexico, Yucatan, Taiwan, Canton, People’s Republic of China, Thailand, Hong Kong, Trinidad, Jamaica, Cuba , Dominican Republic,  and primarily HAITI.


Not received from any one church, denomination, organization, or group but from all those who make up the Body of Christ…Individuals, Church Bodies, Christian Organizations and all those who have an interest in helping the poor.


THE FLOCK FLYER, a monthly newsletter – information on projects and activities.